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This is what I want to do for my side of vows. Those of you who know the book, let me know if anything sounds particularly strange or out of place. Most people there won't know the book anyway, and hearing something out loud for the first time doesn't ever register completely anyway, so I'm not horribly concerned about people being too confused and lost (because let's be honest...that's easy to do with that book)--so long as they get the general idea of what it all means. I cut a lot out, and anything in parenthesis I'm not sure if I want to use or not--any sentence end marks in parenthesis I'm not sure if I want to alter to another way of saying it. I also jumped just a bit--I also used pieces from both sides of the same chapter (the chapter is almost identical on both sides anyway). I'm not going to do any of the formatting because it's just tedious and silly for something that will be out loud (and I'd be saying it in my own formatting anyway, which you can get a hint of in this). The misspellings are all straight from the book, though. I want feedback! Lots of it! I have practically two years to sort it out, but this I know, and I would like to have something else done and out of the way.


New allways. And pacific too. How'z life? Taking forever. Let's dance. And take forever with US. Yes. Let's go. We'll work it out.

I want you just this way. To never have to go away. From you. From US. Allways kissing, adored. The rest. And smiling. To hold you when we're happy, we're lazy. Sad. When you're stubborn. When you're brave. When you're mad. When you're scorned. But allways beside me and my moods. Too when you arrive. When you're allone. When I go. When I'm allone. But allways beside you wherever we roam. We're allways at once.

I hear you hearing me.

I'm not content. I want you more and more. I feer more and more. I'm so strange now. We're impossible to dismiss. To be apart of this? Whirls of ours. By something wide which feels close. Open but feels closed. Lying weirdly across US. Between US. Where we're closest, where we touch, where we're one. Somehow continuing on separately. Hold me tighter.

Everyone dreams the Dream

but you are it.

I won't help being. Your tears can't ever stop me.

We take nips of a saltier equity. Mixed. Our honey. Sticking on our lips, our fingers. Our Leftwrist Twists of Gold too. Sticking US together. Sticking US to the World. Everlasting Whims & Everlasting Loss. Against Horrors passing with Love's passing. Love and Horror's impermanence forever against Loss and the Caprice of endurance. Leaving US to the World. Leaving US together with our Leftwrist Twists of Gold. Our sticky fingers, our lips. Our liquidity. Sweetest mix of all we sip.

Here's to deciding. So glad. Allready welling up.

Everyone dreams the Dream

but we are it.

Somehow now, here, we're one, while allready somewhere nearer we go on apart. Untouched. Our between. Our across. US.

These Worlds of ours. United if unforgiven. We're various. We're extremely dangerous.

Don't be afraid. I want you more and more. Now. Everytime and everyway. Let's just do it all at once. Because except for US everyone goes away without US. Wherever we roam be beside me. When you're allone. When you go. When noone comes along.

And for all we Wander, Encounter and Open allways curl up with me. Give me Pain, Past and Fury. Betray my way. I won't abandon you. For US. For me. Until all's away and our Love is clutched by no one. And the World works.

Let US go gently. Taking our time. Dancing on. How is forever? Taking everyone. Except US...peaceful still. Before the passing World.


Edit, 2/7/08: And I think it's done. I finally went over this with both sides of the audio, and I think it's tweaked right to where I want it. *grins*
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